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Yaz Lawsuit

yaz lawsuit

Yaz LawsuitSuffered Adverse Yaz Side Effects? File a Yaz Lawsuit.

Yaz is an oral pill that is usually prescribed to prevent pregnancy, treat acne in teenage girls and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. However, yaz contains drospirenone which is an active hormone that predisposes users to risk such as heart attack, stroke, DVT, pulmonary embolism, and inflammation of the pancreas and the gall bladder to mention a few. In spite of human adverse effect, yaz manufactures have been advocating of its use without warning women of dire consequences that could arise. Good news is that you can file for a yaz lawsuit at our firm to be fully compensated for the damages suffered from the use of yaz contraceptive. We will effectively represent you to ensure that the compensation paid is enough to cover your hospital bills and loss of income suffered to your family due to illness.

What is yaz?

This is an oral contraceptive commonly taken to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It comes in variety of names such as ocella and yasmin. Yaz manufactures such as Bayer Health Care Pharmaceutical encouraged women to use the drug without disclosing or even warning them of imminent danger arising from its use in birth control. It is for this reason that such firm are taken to court for failing to warn yaz users of its side effects, and also for ignorance/failure to conduct test about its safety before releasing it to the market.

What do I need to file a yaz lawsuit?

First of all you must suffer from side effect(s) that can be medically proven to have resulted from yaz use. There are many side effects that have been proven scientifically to have been caused by yaz contraceptive. However, the most common side effects that will qualify you for a yaz lawsuit include; heart attack, stroke, DVT (leg thrombosis), pulmonary embolism, pancreatitis, and disease of the gall bladder. Besides these, there are also other side effects which are considered minor for a yaz lawsuit. Such include fatigue, headache, nausea, irritability, mood changes to mention a few.

The next step requires you to fill our form which will be reviewed by our team of highly qualified lawyers. After filling our form, we will call you for further consultation which will guide us into filing a Yaz Lawsuit

Why file for a yaz lawsuit with us?

We give our clients hope to move on with their life by ensuring the amount of money compensated by yaz manufactures will suffice medical cover and also damages suffered to their family due to lack of income. We have a team of highly qualified lawyers who have represented hundreds of successful yaz lawsuit. Moreover, we belong to one of the largest settlement network in the USA. This means that you can easily find us to access our notch services.

If you suffer adverse effects after using yaz contraceptive, you are entitled for a full compensation of the damages suffered. However, you need to choose a firm that will ensure that the compensation paid will suffice the damage(s) suffered. If looking for such a firm to file a yaz lawsuit, we are an appropriate choice for you, all that you need to do to get started is fill out our form.