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Transvaginal and Hernia Mesh Recall

hernia mesh recall

Transvaginal and Hernia Mesh Recall

hernia mesh recallA pelvic mesh which is also known as a transvaginal mesh is a type of implant that is made of a plastic material called polypropylene. It is called “transvaginal” because the mesh is surgically implanted through the vagina. It was designed to fix stress urinary incontinence (SUI) along with pelvic organ prolapse (POP). These are medical ailments that are a bane in women’s health. This usually happens after childbirth or menopause. But lately, there has been a hernia mesh recall due to defective products and procedures.

Due to the fact that a woman’s pelvic muscles becomes weak along with the pelvic organs, resulting in the lowering of rectum, uterus and bladder into the vagina. These procedures were invented to ease the suffering of women, but sadly not all of them are totally safe. Some of the designs and the procedural technique that were used in other cases resulted in grave complications, like organ perforation and tissue infection.

Lawsuits on the Rise After the Hernia Mesh Recall

75,000 women had undergone prolapse surgery last year and there are 200,000 who took it due to incontinence. According to the Food and Drug Authority (FDA), there is a less known procedure that inserts the pelvic mesh inside the abdomen, and these results in fewer complications. But since this is not well known, more women are going through the more basic version of the implant surgery which has recently resulted in a wide spread of hernia mesh recall.

There are thousands of reports from women all over the United States complaining about the negative effects of this pelvic mesh operation. There are at least 23,000 lawsuits that are pending in the U.S. District Courts and State Courts regarding mesh injury.

In 2008 and 2010 alone the FDA obtained 1,500 reports of complications from various women who went under the knife for the vaginal prolapse surgery with mesh. The agency is now looking into pelvic mesh operations for incontinence, trying to pin down the possible side effects even though this type of procedure requires less usage of mesh.

Hernia Mesh Recall Warns of Possible Death

Due to the rising cases of pelvic mesh complications, the FDA has released a statement calling for a hernia mesh recall all over the country. The agency said that there is a possibility of death if the infection caused by the pelvic mesh is not treated right away. They also advised women who had been implanted with mesh to seek medical attention immediately if they start to experience the following symptoms: persistent abdominal pain, high fever, and softness of the area of the implantation site.

A top device scientist of the agency said that there will be no government withdrawal of the product because there are still a lot of patients that can get positive effects from it. But there are still plenty of angry patients who are trying to call for an all-out ban of the mesh because it does more harm than good.

If you are one of the people that have been adversely affected by the hernia mesh recall, please call us right away.